Dec 5, 2007

We are preparing for finals

We will take four exams. Yesterday we took a final for communication skills and persuasive messages. We studied: AP style, grammar, punctuation and usage.
Now we are studying marketing management for a take-home exam on Thursday. It can be done with a good partner. Next, we are solving a lot of statistics problems. We have learned about confidence intervals, regression and sample size.  We still have the consumer insights test to complete.  This is an online exam, but we have a three hour limit for the test. The courses are a lot of work but we are learning a lot. Good luck to all of our classmates!

Nov 27, 2007

IMC podcasting & lifecasting

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IMC blogs and IMC facebook page

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Join the Crayon Panel Discussion on Second Life, Will you?

Want to explore more about Second Life? Another group of students involving in the Second Life project put together an exciting event for all of you to attend online- Crayon Panel Discussion!

They have invited three experienced panelists to discuss their viewpoint about Second Life, including
  • Greg Verdino-
    Chief Strategic Officer of Crayon,
    Former VP of Emerging Channels for Digitas,
    Marketing/New media blogger,
  • C.C. Chapman-
    a new media maven, award-winning music podcast host and marketing blogger, and
  • Matt Dickman-
    Interactive Marketing Strategist and Technology Evangelist at DigiKnow agency
When to meet?
  Friday, December 7, 12-1 p.m.
 (GMT -6:00, Central Standard Time)
Where to meet?
  Crayonville, Second Life

Prepare your questions, and join the discussion! See you there!

Nov 26, 2007

Project Presentation on "Second Life"

Let Sindy, Ivan, Won Joo, Albert, Noah tell you how it works!

This group gave a brief presentation regarding "Engagement" in Second Life today. For our Communication Skills and Persuasive Messages class, they have been involved in this 3-D online community to learn how to create a virtual identity to interact with others in that world. Furthermore, they invited Ashlee Humphreys, the Co-Instructor of our Consumer Insight class, to discuss the concept of "media engagement," which is a term that professors Bobby Calder and Ed Malthouse coined this year. They also gave examples of how companies, including Mercedes Benz, the NBA, and Vodafone, use this media engagement strategy in Second Life to promote the company/organization and their products.

How many of the group members have "Second Life" before this project?

Did they learn a lot about this interactive social media platform?

Nov 25, 2007

See Our Exciting Life by Video!

"See You at Medill, Northwestern!" This group of IMC students welcomes all prospective students by creating this video clip! They have covered some of our classes, interviews with professors, student event clips, and testimonials from several current students.

Check the video, and tell me that you are seriously considering becoming one of us!