Nov 19, 2007

Saturday Night Lights

This past Saturday, many IMC students met downtown to see the Magnificent Mile's Festival of Lights, presented by Harris Bank. The events took place on Chicago's Michigan Avenue, between Oak St. and Illinois St.. Everyone was excited to start celebrating the holidays. There was a great turn-out by IMC students who were interested in seeing their first Chicago holiday festival.

The night started off with a performance by KT Tunstall and then moved on to a group holiday Christmas carol. Around 6pm, the parade started and the lights were on, showcasing the Magnificent Mile. The night ended with fireworks over the river, on the south end of north Michigan Avenue, a visit to the Hershey store, dinner with friends, and of course, some late-night shopping!


Lori W. said...

Hey Chica,
Nice Blog. I'm glad to see you've settled nicely back into academia! I noticed a typo in the "Why IMC..." box... I think you all meant to say it SERVES, not it SEVERS. We know you're on the cutting edge, but dang!! :-)
Talk to you later. Take care!


wendychen said...

Thanks for the correction!

Elana said...

Hi Michelle (and classmates)! Very Nice blog. :)

I loved your post on "Saturday Night Lights". Also, Yoon Jung's post about "H-Mart" was interesting.

Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Michelle said...

Thanks Elana! We appreciate the feedback :)

Kristine said...

Thanks!! I had to write about the lights festival...a good time was had by all. I just updated a photo of a few of us at Hershey's to accompany my write-up. :)