Nov 22, 2007

Dorm Life-Engelhart Hall

Where do a lot students live? For sure, some choose to live off-campus by themselves, with family or friends, while others choose to live in the graduate student dormitory- Engelhart Hall.

Engelhart is a 10-floor building with many twin studios, one bedroom singles and one/two bedroom apartments. For public facilities, we have study/discussion rooms, party rooms, laundry room, indoor and outdoor playground for family with kids, indoor and outdoor parking lots.

All dorm rooms are furnished with essential items, phone line, land-line Internet, and basic cable TV. Best of all, electricity, water, Internet and cable fees are included in the rent. Residents can also enjoy events hosted by the administration including
  • Floor Party & Welcome BBQ- get to know your neighbors
  • Weekend Shopping Trip- shop together with transportation provided
  • Free Salsa Class- to learn the Latin dance together
  • Halloween Party- to enjoy the holiday with funny costumes, candies and games!

Why not consider living in the dorm?


Farhan said...

How did you like living at Engelhart? I'll be living there next year and would love any additional info I could get! Is it in a convenient location in terms of proximity to campus and stores? Is there a strong sense of community?


wendychen said...

Hello Farhan,

Engelhart is really a safe and convenient place to live. From here to the campus- the Arch area- is 15 minutes walk, 10 minutes to movie theater and Borders, 10-15 minutes to downtown Evanston area with CVS, restaurants, coffee shops, banks. You have many opportunity to interact with other people living in this building, including families and individuals, from all around the world or across the country. You will enjoy it :)

Farhan said...

Thanks for the response! You're more helpful than Res. Life :)